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Speckled Eggs As an egg travels down the oviduct. Time to get egg-ucated on speckled and bumpy eggs. like having a spotted or bumpy shell, which may deter you from eating them. White/Brown Speckled. White/Brown Speckled. With smaller speckles than calcium deposits, these eggs may be laid down before or after the cuticle. Let's examine the most common abnormality in an eggshell—the dark brown spots on a brown egg. Speckled eggs are y Dmitriev/iStock. It is about the hen who laid the egg. Here's what else you should know: 1 Bumps and spots on eggshells are normal. It's normal for eggs to be. Older chickens may lay eggs with rough or pimpled shells, too. What is the blood spot in my hen's egg? Why did my chicken lay a shell-less egg? Can you remove the blood spot and continue making your breakfast? Or must you start over and hope that the next egg is blemish-free? Contrary to popular belief, a meat spot in an egg does not mean that it has been fertilized. It's actually a little malfunction on the part of the hen. But the egg is still intact so it's OK to eat. Stressed or older hens are more likely to produce eggs with a mottled, “windowed” or spotted. Calcium balls or bubbles on the shell: White patches, mottled or irregular egg shell colour: Suddenly speckled eggs: Body checked.

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